Perfect Bar

Grounded in Perfection

The Perfect Bar story began when a family of ten piled a bunch of barbells into a motor home and roamed the country for four years. During that time, a nutrition bar was born. One that was so different, you could only find it in the refrigerated section of your favorite store. We helped share their unique story and showed the world just how “Grounded in Perfection” this brand truly could be.

The Power of Rebranding

Perfect Bar grew by almost 1,000% over its first five years and by almost 900% over its second five years.

Merchandising a Whole New Way

Getting retailers to give up valuable space in the chiller for nutrition bars was a tough sell when Bill Keith first started knocking on doors in 2006. Today, Perfect Bars are the third best-selling snack bar in the natural channel with incredible velocity — growing from 7,000 stores to 12,000 in just the last year.