How We Introduced Everyday Athletes to New Possibility

Breaking into the performance-based whole food category is tricky, even for a new brand with historic pedigree like POSSIBLE. A roll-out from legendary whole food innovator Standard Process, POSSIBLE’s new product line of mega-charged snack bars, protein powders and Supergreens checked every box for the discriminating clean-label purist looking for a step-up in performance.

Our Objective: Even with a superior product, help POSSIBLE punch through a category that sometimes feels too athletically elite and exclusive. Not everyone’s trying to set a world record. We wanted to tap into a deeper truth: that the real superheroes of sport and adventure are regular, everyday people, scratching and clawing their way through life for their own opportunity to shine. They deserve some love for being athletes in their own right. And we were going to give it to them.

The Brand's Good

POSSIBLE is on a mission to enable everyone from dedicated adventurers to everyday athletes to follow their dreams and reach new levels through a whole-food philosophy that promotes better health and wellbeing through proper nutrition.

Our Key Insight

For everyday athletes, success isn’t measured by a time, stat, goal or finish line — but by everything they do in life that enables them to pursue their passions.

The Uncommon Solution

“Life’s a Sport. Fuel Up.” We created a campaign that spoke to everyday athletes and dedicated adventurers alike, celebrating their collective accomplishments and hailing POSSIBLE as the means to keep pushing themselves to new levels, both in life and in sport. We reframed the very idea of what sport is to include all those moments in life that everyday athletes must power through to make the time for their own individual athletic pursuits.

Through campaign elements, we gave shoutouts to the extraordinary feats that defy traditional categorization: the 40-mile bike ride on the tail end of a 40-hour work week; the “personal best” of a female runner racking up a résumé of miles run, hours worked and mom tasks performed; the dirty good fun of clean label ingredients at a weekend Tough Mudder. By eliminating the gap between sport and life, we were able to establish POSSIBLE as something more than the sum of its superior attributes — a performance-based lifestyle brand with an inherent understanding of what it truly takes to reach the finish line.

The Good We Grew

In its entirety, the campaign includes nearly 40 pieces of unique digital content, a website, as well as OOH activations that target everyday athletes in locations place-specific to their chosen pursuits. For the launch alone, “Life’s a Sport” garnered 50 million impressions and reached hundreds of thousands of people while more than doubling the size of POSSIBLE’s customer database.