How We Brightened the World with Exotic Fruit

People have a powerful desire today to evolve and live more closely aligned with their beliefs and values. Brands that reflect those values can drive authentic loyalty and meaning for consumers. Pitaya had the perfect recipe to make this happen: Delicious, exotic fruit full of magical micronutrients and a mission for good to support small farming communities around the world.

Our objective: Showcase the powerful attributes of Pitaya super fruits to energize, revitalize and transform people in an ownable way that motivates an audience drawn to purposeful brands to satisfy their aspirational needs in life.

The Brand's Good

Pitaya exists to spark brighter alternatives through inspired food and business.

Our Key Insight

In a world that can oftentimes feel stuck in a dysfunctional gear, people take cues from optimistic, purpose-driven brands to show the way forward and catalyze new possibilities. Getting out of our ruts with Pitaya reminds us how simple and delicious life can be when we let go of old expectations and habits, and embrace our sense of adventure.

The Uncommon Solution

“Bite Into Bright.” Pitaya uses only the best quality, sustainably grown whole fruit to create products that are brightly flavored and nutrient dense – a commitment that extends to bettering the communities of their global farmers and improving the overall health of the planet. So we leaned into the idea of “bright” as a transformative property of the fruit itself. Through visuals and animations that used vivid imagery to reveal the exotic and adventurous “brightness” that Pitaya brings to bloom, we invited customers to open the door to new possibilities and “bring out a brighter you.”

The Good We Grew

In 2024, Pitaya Foods retail footprint increased to over 15,000 retail stores and 5,000 food service outlets nationwide in the U.S. making it some of the most accessible better-for-you and premium food products on the market. Over the last 52 weeks, Pitaya Foods’ core frozen fruit line is +33% in dollars.