How We Brought Renewal to a Luxury Spa

Any spa can help you unwind, escape, rejuvenate and other cliche words for “relax.” They’ll work out the knots in your muscles or scrub your face of impurities, then send you on your way. And as soon as you leave, you’re back to the real world and all the stresses and emotions that come with it.

Woodhouse Spa has a different approach — mood care. Every treatment is aimed at creating a lasting mood state, well beyond your time with them. That’s what differentiates Woodhouse from the world of spa competitors. But their brand voice and visual style weren’t exactly communicating this new position.

Our objective: Evolve the Woodhouse brand identity to a more refined, ownable platform that represents its status as a sanctuary where joyful moods and moments are curated and crafted with care to last far beyond the treatment.

The Brand's Good

Woodhouse Spa is on a mission to foster a more productive, balanced, expansive and contented life for every guest.

Our Key Insight

There’s a powerful relationship between our internal mood and how we show up in the world.

The Uncommon Solution

“Masters of Mood Care.” The refreshed brand identity solidified Woodhouse as the definitive destination of blissful experiences — curated by the experts in living a wellness-enhanced life. Our messaging and visual approach helped communicate that every treatment, detail, space and feature is designed to keep Woodhouse guests feeling great while they’re there and long after they leave.

The evolved brand position was both a cue of active transformation and the higher-end craft of suiting each guest’s unique wants and needs. Paired with a classy modernized logo, welcoming color palette and luxurious textures, the identity and accompanying campaign elevated Woodhouse to represent true renewal at its finest.

The Good We Grew

Woodhouse was finally able to stand out among spas focusing on simple massages and transactional indulgence. Its new identity propelled the brand forward to a place of modern relevance, appealing to both men and women, young and mature, single and married — and set Woodhouse up as a consistent part of their self-care routine. The genuine, neighborly tone and polished look gave them the refresh they needed to welcome more guests and deliver truly transformational services.