How We Helped Parents End Their Mythical Quest for Healthy Vitamins

Parents know all too well the quest to find a vitamin that their kids will like taking that isn’t loaded with sugar — or even worse, gummy candy masquerading as a vitamin. Expensive bottles of “healthy” vitamins sit unconsumed in the pantry in lieu of whatever the kids will take. Parents’ quest to find a wholesome, sugar-free vitamin made with clean ingredients is finally over. Meet Renzo’s, the unicorn of vitamins — one that parents and kids can agree on. 

Our objective: Create Renzo’s first-ever brand campaign that lets parents know they’ve finally found a vitamin that checks all the boxes.

Some Good Results


Increase in ad conversion rate


Increase in ROAS


Increase in revenue from new users

The Brand’s Good

Renzo’s is on a mission to deliver true nutrition that kids actually enjoy.

Our Key Insight

Too often kids won’t eat the healthy options presented by their parents — and too often parents relent to their kids’ desires. With vitamins, parents are tired of searching for an option that they can feel good about giving their kids and that their kids will actually take. The answer to everyone’s happiness is elusive. 

The Uncommon Solution

“The Unicorn of Vitamins.” We translated the hunt for a good vitamin into a mythical quest and educated parents about this melty, magical product through a world of characters that you’d find on this quest. Unicorns, dragons and wizards help tell the story of our vitamins — and make the brand endearing and trustable at the same time. 

Stylistically, we stayed true to Renzo on our box and created a storybook world built on brand colors in which Renzo’s was introduced to families as the solution they’ve been searching for (but thought they’d never find). 

The Good We Grew

Our creative and media campaign drove over 50MM impressions and was 600% more effective at converting curious parents. This helped increase revenue from new users by 410% and lead to a 250% return-on-ad-spend overall.