There’s More to Recovery Than Sobriety

What makes getting over addiction so seemingly impossible? One word: sobriety. It’s the only metric anyone places any value on. Which would be fine if it was the actual cause of addiction. It’s not. Addiction is caused by trauma, loneliness, lousy self-esteem and a bunch of other things most of us can’t even imagine. Face it TOGETHER was designed to approach getting people well the right way. The brand’s POV: Sober doesn’t necessarily mean better. Looking at sobriety as the only measure of success won’t get a person to the core of the problem and lasting wellness. Our campaign’s goal was to show how Face It TOGETHER addresses the root causes of addiction — rather than just the symptoms — raising awareness and driving people to their support center for help.

Visual Cues Connect the Audience

Along with dashboard confessionals, additional spots use vintage neon signs to trigger a visceral response and quickly alert people to Face It TOGETHER’s addiction service offerings. Messaging targets both those with the disease, as well as their loved ones who can also benefit from coaching.

Something Jarring to Open the Door

Face It TOGETHER’s unique perspective on addiction recovery deserved a brochure that’s equally memorable and distinct from competitors.

Erika Batcheller, Chief Communications Officer

“This campaign took us in a new, bold direction that helped expand our reach and impact. We partnered with Common Good because of their unique emphasis on health and happiness and strong creative chops. They took us through a really intensive process to refine our positioning and strategy.”