How We Turned Data Into Design

We Don’t Waste is a Colorado nonprofit that saves excess food and redistributes it to local hunger relief organizations. They focus on saving food, feeding people and protecting the planet, but don’t have a whole lot of time to focus on themselves or their website. We volunteered to help them out, so they could keep helping those in need.

Our objective: Revitalize the We Don’t Waste website to better showcase how big of an impact the organization is making in the Denver area.

The Brand's Good

We Don’t Waste is on a mission to support the community and the environment by reclaiming and redistributing quality food to those in need.

Our Key Insight

Instead of focusing on the negative of how much food is typically wasted, concentrate on the positive of how much food is saved.

The Uncommon Solution

“The Great Impact.” It’s hard to grasp how much positive impact We Don’t Waste is making. So we made it easier with a bold design centered around data visualization.

As soon as visitors landed on the site, they saw live data about We Don’t Waste’s initiatives — food savings, water savings from food production, reduced landfill waste, prevented CO2 emissions and more.

The interactive animations allowed users to choose which initiatives they wanted to learn about and see the colorful data come to life in front of their eyes.

The Good We Grew

Using data visualization helped create brand awareness, alleviate any confusion of what the organization does, and reinforce how much impact We Don’t Waste can make — on hunger and beyond. This compelling website was another way for them to attract more support and donations, both financial and edible.