Resilience Code

Health, Rewritten

What if you were armed with a complete picture of how your mind and body works to be able to recode yourself to live longer? Resilience Code — a collection of the brightest minds, most comprehensive testing and cutting-edge solutions for health and performance — set out to make this a reality. Their vision is to revolutionize both healthcare and performance, changing the game by uncovering the true story of you. The process provides a level of thinking in which preventing illness and injury, bolstering health and fitness, and preserving longevity are the primary objectives. Common Good provides marketing and technological brainpower to the business.

Strength in Branding

Resilience is the ability to bend, not break. To permanently and predictably adapt to life’s stresses. It is the ability to maximize fitness and longevity by resisting injury, illness, disease, mental stagnation and aging. At Resilience Code, they decode who you are in order to scientifically recode you for greater health. The design system for the brand follows this bold promise.

Welcome to the Future of Medicine

Graphics and wayfinding inside the 40,000-square-foot facility are designed to highlight Resilience Code’s technology and services, without a traditional medical or gym feel.

Chad Prusmack, Founder/Chairman

“By deeply understanding the various target customers for Resilience Code — from elite athletes to average moms and dads — Common Good has helped us build an appealing product offering, technology and marketing that solves real problems for people who want to feel and perform as well as they possibly can.”