MAD Greens

Mad About Better

MAD Greens isn’t merely interested in creating food that’s as fun as it is healthy. They’re undeniably 100%, completely-out-of-their-minds crazy about it (hence the “MAD” in their name). We helped them bottle up the quirky obsession they have for their adventurous salads and wraps — and turned it into a rebrand that can be felt in every corner of their restaurants.

Inspired by the Mad, Made for the Hungry

MAD Greens has a tradition of naming menu items after historical and fictional figures who have inspired them with their own daring visions. As part of our rebranding effort, we turned these personalities into mascots for the brand — integrating them into everything from to-go cups to a giant in-store mural.

Dressed to Obsess

To help employees embrace the brand’s quirky mindset, we fashioned a variety of character-influenced uniforms to suit their individual styles.