The Only Bar You Need

A tavern is more than just a bar. And in 1997, this Denver establishment set out to build something that would be THE definition of a tavern. There was no theme. No flash-in-the-pan trends. Just great food and friendly service.

As their agency of record, we’ve helped the restaurant group cement themselves as the metro area’s go-to no-frills neighborhood bar by building a distinct personality that attracts the right audience — and is just fine turning off everyone else.

A Brand with a Voice

Everywhere you look in Tavern you’ll find tongue-in-cheek messaging inviting you to step up your good time.

2-for-1 Fun

Tavern’s happy hour is not completely unique. However, they’re the only family of restaurants to offer it. We let commuters know a classic happy hour was waiting for them to improve any kind of day they were having.

2700% Social Growth

It’s only fitting that a social establishment have a strong social presence.

Frank Schultz, CEO/Owner

“While it’s a priority for us to provide an excellent experience for each guest, Common Good helped do so in a non-stuffy and non-trendy way by keeping true to our history of being a comfortable and welcoming neighborhood bar and restaurant.”