Which Wich

Showcasing Superior Sandwiches

With countless combinations of fully customizable sandwiches, and a one-of-a-kind ordering system, Which Wich is no ordinary sub shop. But when we took over as their agency, not everyone could tell that they sold delicious sandwiches just by glancing at their name alone. We made it our mission to give potential customers a closer look at what Which Wich was all about.

Mouthwateringly Close

By strategically placing outdoor ads near Which Wich locations, we gave potential customers a much closer look at the brand’s epic sandwich creations. Billboards let people know that the best sandwich they’d never had was hiding right under their noses.

Socially Superior

Less than a month after we took over their social media, Which Wich’s Facebook feed saw a 241% increase in likes, 650% increase in comments and 204% in shares.

Which Wich Do You Love?

With Which Wich’s unique ordering system, you grab a red Sharpie and mark up pre-printed menus on sandwich bags that feature dozens of ingredients and toppings. The Bag U promotion allowed ‘wich lovers to submit their favorite combination to be made into the sandwich of the month featured in store.

Who Doesn't Love Bacon?

Every part of Which Wich is crafted to be superior. Superior bread, superior meats and cheeses, 60+ toppings and everything at one price. Announcing their newest topping — real Hardwood Smoked Bacon — was one of the many promotions we rolled out to prove their supremacy.