Level Life

Keep Moving Forward

LEVEL Life’s philosophy is that to control diabetes, you have to change, but you don’t have to sacrifice. We helped LEVEL Life craft a brand and nutritional plan for diabetics that caters to people who don’t let diabetes get in their way.

The Modern Diabetes Management Co.

Although diabetes affects people of every age, the design, naming, packaging and marketing of today’s diabetes nutritional support products target an extremely aged mentality. With LEVEL Life, we wanted to breathe some soul back into the category. From LEVEL Life’s unique logo to the go-anywhere pouch packaging design, the precise product formula and a website and advertising that are quick to digest, everything about the brand points toward a momentum that keeps the consumer moving forward.

A Program for Living Level

The website features a free nutrition program – integrated with tracking and shopping tools – designed to help people lose weight, gain control of blood sugar and get a good understanding of what it’s going to take to move past diabetes and on with their life.