Jenny Craig

Evolving a Legacy

For more than 35 years, Jenny Craig has been changing lives, their weight loss program staying true to what’s made it effective for so long but always improving alongside the latest nutritional science. As a longtime partner, we’ve helped this premium brand evolve their marketing to parallel the changes of the weight loss industry and stay competitive.

"Cheers" to Looking Good

In the height of the 2016 diet season, ads featuring celebrities posing in front of a white background were plentiful. Instead of following suit, we toted the impressive 50-pound weight loss of our spokeswoman, Kirstie Alley, by turning back the clock to her glory days — on the set of “Cheers” with her old pals, Norm and Cliff.

Real Members, Real Results

Watch any ad for a gimmick or fad diet and you’ll probably think to yourself, “There’s no way they really lost weight like that.” But Jenny Craig is no fad and thousands of real people have experienced real success with the program. The category was moving toward marketing with authenticity, using real before and after photos, so we went even further. In 2015, we asked real members to tell their stories in our national campaign and have done so every year since.

Jenny Craig’s Most Effective Program Ever

January is every weight loss company’s biggest moment, as millions resolve to get healthier. To take advantage of that spotlight, in 2018, we unveiled Jenny Craig’s biggest news ever — the brand new Rapid Results program. Built on the foundation of the classic program, Rapid Results introduced a timed eating strategy, which resulted in the most compelling results to date. We created branding and messaging for the new program and made it the talk of the industry.

Mike Raymond, CMO

“Common Good has provided invaluable counsel and insight in our brand marketing efforts at Jenny Craig.  They are smart, responsive and strategic, and we hold them in high regard for both their communication skills and marketing insights.”