CorePower Yoga

Live Your Power

CorePower believes yoga is a practice that has evolved far beyond its spiritual roots. To them, it’s a personal pursuit of wellness. It can be an avenue to release stress, a means to achieve peak athletic performance or a way to heal your body and center your mind. We helped CorePower deliver this moving message to the right audience, in a powerful way.

30% YOY Business Growth

As a student, you come to CorePower Yoga for an intense, physical workout that ultimately helps you open up and become more receptive to new realms of possibility. It’s then that you can flow through life instead of attempting to muscle through it. This philosophy was imbued throughout CorePower’s website — a personalized experience that’s rich in information, yet simple to use. With over 1.3 million users, the site has widened the sales funnel significantly, with 30% YOY business growth attributed to the site as the brand’s primary conversion vehicle.

Arming the In-House Team

As the brand has grown, the number of hands touching CorePower Yoga marketing has increased — leading to a real need for consistency. We built a modular design system for the in-house team, and anyone else marketing the brand, that allows flexibility but ensures quality.


To demonstrate how yoga benefits the lives of those who practice it, we built a meme generator that allows people to make a public declaration of their intent around why they yoga at CorePower. Their often emotionally-charged answers were shared on users’ social feeds and the brand’s website.