Putting a Spark in D.C. Dining

The moment you step inside Matchbox Kitchen + Spirit, there’s an energy and vibrancy that other restaurants simply don’t have. The place is alive and welcoming. Their cocktails are crazy unique, their service is top notch and every delicious dish has serious “wow.” We’ve been helping Matchbox promote their uniqueness to diners who want a place that burns boring to a cinder.

Playing With Fire

To fit the fun, lively feel of this classic establishment, we’ve given Matchbox an identity makeover that draws inspiration from vintage matchbook artwork. It appears throughout advertising, in-store and online communications.

A Wood-Fired Hello

As Matchbox moves into new locations, we recommended that they introduce themselves warmly to new neighbors. These wood engraved pizza boxes were delivered — along with a fresh pie — to surrounding retail businesses to attract new customers and entice them to speak highly of the restaurant to people who visited their own stores.

Social That's Eaten Up

As the world transitions from reading to watching, we’ve moved Matchbox to a purely video-lead social media strategy. Every piece of content is being created by our in-house new media division, Common Good Films — and it’s been more successful than we ever imagined.

Posh On The Patio

Matchbox is well known for serving gourmet food in a laid-back atmosphere, so we helped them kick off patio season with a pseudo-sauve cocktail party — full of free apps, silver trays and a Matchbook full of giveaways.