Macaroni Grill

Here's to Generosity

Since its heyday in the ‘90s, various owners of Macaroni Grill watered down the concept’s original recipe. People forgot why they loved it and sales slipped. Now back to its original vision after many years, Macaroni Grill is inviting those who loved its menu and dining experience — along with a new generation — back to the table. Through our ongoing integrated effort, we’ve repositioned Macaroni Grill as the house generosity built — a place where you get so much more than a great meal.

Generosity is Better Demonstrated

Instead of saying Macaroni Grill is generous, we use visual devices to help insinuate it. Food and other objects literally extend beyond the boundaries of ads to convey the giving spirit that permeates the organization, the experience and staff.

Social Benevolence

Part of being generous means keeping things visually interesting for Macaroni Grill’s social followers. Posts include daily one-offs, along with various promotions.

Nishant Machado, CRO and CEO

“Through the restructuring and turnaround process, the company has firmly re-established itself and the results have been tremendous, which is a testament to the brand, our team and our loyal guests.”