Granite City

Craft for All

There’s a lot of talk these days about “craft.” Craft beer, handcrafted food, local ingredients, “farm to table.” Yet, at Granite City, they’ve been brewing their own beer and making their food from scratch for 17 years. They even use their house-brewed beer in their handcrafted recipes. You see, “craft,” as it turns out, is readily available for everyone, every day. We’ve helped Granite City deliver this “Craft for All” message to the people.

Branding, By Hand

Handcrafted, hand drawn typography added to the authentic feel of the restaurant, where everything’s made by a real chef with great care.

Product Innovation

More than simply marketing for restaurants, we often add value by offering operational and product ideas that improve the bottom line. Case in point: Brew Infusions — delicious beers infused with perfect pairings of fruits, herbs and spices using a French press right at the table. 

Growing Growler Sales

Few Granite City visitors knew they could go home with a growler (or two) full of fresh beer. We suggested the containers be placed on tables with promotional messaging — a simple idea that resulted in a 16% increase in sales.

Reviving a Legacy Brand

Previous to our involvement, Granite City had never advertised on a significant level. But that was just the boost this legacy restaurant brand needed. Media drove a sustained 30% increase in new-guest counts.