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June 4, 2021

The Future Is: XL Immunity


Diving into antidotes last week, we saw how promoting our capacity for a stronger immune response is sweeping the forefront of the health industry. XL Immunity encompasses the “human sustainability” movement, in which human protection and resilience are the driving priorities. It’s not shocking that the fastest-growing supplements in 2020 were ones that supported physical immunity.

XL Immunity will become a sought-after benefit that consumers look for in products and services. The goal is to accelerate our ability to adapt, heal, thrive and survive in the future.


NOW: Armored Homes


What’s Fresh: Now developers, real estate agents, and architects are investing in formerly unheard of wish-list items like hospital-grade HVAC systems and germ-zapping UV filters for our homes. A penthouse in Los Angeles was recently redesigned to include tandem UV light filters, claiming to kill mold and 99.9 percent of germs.

How it changes the game: Air purity is now being linked to human potential. “The better your air, the better you perform as a person,” says Greg Malin, CEO of San Francisco’s Troon Pacific.

3 Actions Steps for Brands:

  • Organize ways to show the public that your mission works to support purifying all environments.
  • Focus on accessibility. Prioritize how easily your products can be found and utilized.
  • Emphasize how our homes are becoming havens of healing and super immunity.


NOW: Super Immune Foods


What’s Fresh: The growing demand for super immune-boosting foods and beverages is driving the enhanced food products market. The growing market is expected to reach $24B in 2023. The lines are now blurring between supplement and food aisles.

How it changes the game: Superfoods, probiotics, broths and sauerkrauts are becoming daily supplements.

3 Actions Steps for Brands:

  • Think about how your company can leverage the global digestive immune health market, which is expected to grow to $59B by 2025.
  • Longevity is a health goal for many people. Discuss the ways in which your products are in it for the long game.
  • Back up your super immune-boosting benefits with super scientific evidence.


NEXT: Immune Cell Training


What’s Emerging: A recent breakthrough in understanding our more primitive immune defenses could change how we fight disease. Dr. Bali Pulendran, Professor of Pathology and Immunology at Stanford, is now looking at the role that epigenetic changes have on innate immune cells. He proposes developing what he calls “epigenetic adjuvants” – therapeutic agents that are specifically designed to train the innate immune system to be more resistant to viruses.

How it creates the future: We could someday have inhalable aerosols delivered to the lungs to make cells of the respiratory tract stronger and more resilient.

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • Epigenetics will play a bigger role in human sustainability.
  • We will have access to all new ways to boost and protect our health and happiness for the long run.
  • We will train our cells to become more immune, like we do our bodies to become stronger.


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