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October 22, 2021

The Future Is: Radically Clean

In the wake of the pandemic and escalating climate change, consumers are seeking control and striving for a radically clean life. That means guaranteed germ-free products and delivery; clinical-grade clean water and ultra-filtered air. The global antiseptic/disinfectant market is already at $23 billion and growing over 20% per year. The residential HVAC replacement market soared 25% in 2020, with consumers opting for high-end units despite the economic downturn. Let’s see how hyper-clean is the emerging must-have for our tense times.

NOW: Products that Clean Themselves

What’s Fresh: “Keep those pathogens and pollutants away” says the consumer, and the marketplace reacts. Matter is a new coating for paper, glass, and metal packaging that banishes germs before you even access the product. Decontamination Fashion uses antimicrobial fabrics. The BioRomper jumpsuit, for instance, is designed to repel germs during travel, adding a layer of security as we soar across borders. And your car will do its part to ban pollutants and bacteria. Tesla is deep into HEPA filtration, and other automakers are opting for antimicrobial materials for exterior and interior finishes.

How it Changes the Game: Now, every aspect of a brand’s offering could proactively germ-proof a customer’s life.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Examine every step of the supply chain and engineer it to be radically germ-free.
  • Create packaging that actively repels microbes.
  • Satisfy the consumer’s craving for scientifically proven products that proactively protect them.

NOW: Ultra-Filtration Fashion

What’s Fresh: Surgical masks are so 2020. The news is techified air-filtration wearables that we’ll don as casually as we put in our EarPods. Two examples of this: Respiray’s combo collar/face-shield that detoxes the air, and LG’s Puricare Wearable Air Filter, a battery-operated device akin to an N-95 mask that screens out viruses, bacteria, and allergens. On the horizon: The airtight Micrashell protective suit, designed to allow safe socializing, with built-in beverage and vape supply system, plus speakers and smartphone integration. With a patent pending, it will let us party on even if there’s another Pandemic.

How It Changes the Game: Prepare for a world in which wearables continue to keep us safe for whatever comes our way.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Design your apparel and wearables for a consumer who will seek ultra-protective devices.
  • Air purity is vital to any retail or public space you operate. Provide constant, medical-grade filtration for your guests.
  • Target the continue pain points of socialization and provide new ways for people to mingle with less worry.

NEXT: Tomorrow’s Ultra-Pure Home

What’s Emerging: Our homes will become our hold-out against a dangerous, potentially lethal world. We’ll live in maximum-security, clinical-grade clean realms that protect us from pandemics and environmental hazards. More people will go full survivalist, living in luxury dwellings like Vivos subterranean shelters, which offer “air scrubbers to eliminate all pathogens and radioactive particles before entering the underground space.” Even above-ground dwellings will have hyper-purification systems, like SecureAire’s Whole-Home Air Purification System. It is the most advanced home system, backed by clinical studies, that provides active particle control within your home, combined with airborne pathogen inactivation. And light will play a future role. Broan’s SurfaceShield fans now come with Vyv’s virus killing, antimicrobial light technology.

How It Creates the Future: The concept of “fresh air” becomes fraught. Consumers will demand 24/7 tracking and cleansing of their environment to keep it free of pathogens and toxins so they can lead their happiest, healthiest life.

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • Tomorrow, homes need to be not just cozy but hyperclean. Prepare for a surge in home sensor systems and IoT devices that protect the perimeter and interior.
  • Evaluate your delivery partnerships to ensure your products are pristine as they enter the home; promote this in your consumer communications.
  • Avoid the fear factor. Focus on how these innovations lead to greater well-being and a stressless lifestyle.


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