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April 21, 2021

The Future is: M2Me Care

At LRXD we have been thinking hard about what comes next for health & happiness. Our vision is to tie together a deeper, more holistic view of people, planet and community “care.” We will map out current cultural explorations and transition to what the future will bring. We are excited to announce our new newsletter, dropping some future fresh thoughts weekly into your inbox with Mind Walk.

This week we explore how the medical community is creating an ever-increasing direct connection with consumers. In the next decade, we will see this theme expand into an interwoven care system. Health & happiness will be autonomously managed in real-time by our Human Operating System that is plugged into a broader smart community of other connected beings, bots, things, homes and external environments, including space.  Envisioning this M2Me Care web comes with tracking the latest advancements.




What’s Fresh: DoorDash is now delivering COVID-19 testing kits. “Amidst the pandemic, one of our priorities has been to make health and wellness essentials more accessible for customers, with the goal of helping businesses leverage our last-mile logistics infrastructure,“ says Anna Katherine Barnett-Hart at DoorDash.

How IT Changes the Game: This makes it quicker, cheaper and easier for people to access medical supplies and control the timing of their medical diagnosis.

3 Actions for Brands:

  • If you are an OTC brand, partner with an at-home allergy and flu testing provider and offer immediate ordering and delivery of solutions based on results.
  • As a company assess how accessible your online platforms are as we move into a more digital age.
  • Learn from your consumers to know what their needs are regarding their health and health of their families.




What’s Fresh: Baze is the first supplement & nutrition prescription personalized to address the actual levels of vitamins and minerals in your blood stream and meet your wellness goals.

How IT Changes the Game: Baze is AI driven, iterative supplementation.  Each time someone reassesses their status, their algorithm factors how their body absorbs nutrients and evolves with their needs.

3 Actions for Brands:

  • Get your healthy or functional food brand into Baze’s recommendation engine for members.
  • Survey your customers and see how many of them pay attention to their direct goals.
  • Offer transparency to consumers on how your company is evolving with new science.




What’s Emerging: Silver Chain has been testing Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality (EMMR) holographic house calls with doctors in Australia. Real healthcare professionals are projected into the patient’s home via HoloLens headsets.

How IT Creates the Future: We will order doctor and therapist visits on demand, like we do our favorite shows on Netflix

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • How will you turn your medical practice and in-home lab testing into a “streaming service”?
  • What will make you stand out amongst the crowd?
  • How user friendly and simple can you make your online presence?



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