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August 6, 2021

The Future Is: Fem-Tech

We are seeing a renewed focus on hormone wellness, as the fem-tech industry emerges with brilliant, disruptive solutions to women’s unique hormonal needs. Defined as products and services that use tech to support double-X health, the market is set to soar from $821 million in 2019 to $3 billion by decade’s end. (BIS Research).

This week, we examine what’s emerging—and how you can be a part of the fem-tech revolution.

NOW: Cycle Syncing


What’s Fresh: Understanding and optimizing hormonal health is now the domain of tech, as Flo Living decodes women’s monthly cycles and provides balance. By downsizing symptoms—from acne to cramps to cravings—it boosts health, productivity, and creativity. Dubbed “biohacking for bleeders,” Flo Living offers diagnostics; curated nutrients, herbs, superfoods, and cycle syncing—advice on the best times of the month to eat, drink, socialize, and work out based on your endocrine rhythms.

How It Changes the Game: Entire protocols will be disrupted as cycle-synching occasions take over for women. Think about a gym that offers different classes based on a personalized endocrine cycle.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Recognize that some products can resonate and integrate with your consumer’s hormonal life.
  • Develop women’s wellness solutions for tomorrow—blending tech, supplements, expert support, and lifestyle shifts.
  • Ask yourself how to innovate around the male hormonal cycles (they exist too!).


NOW: Techno Grace


What’s Fresh: Why should only Millennials have all the cool, chic wearables? Grace, a UK-based brand that alleviates hot flashes (one of the most vexing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause), has created a runway-worthy wristband that tracks and anticipates the indicators of an incoming heat surge. When one is sensed, Grace automatically activates a cooling patch at the wrist’s pulse point, short-circuiting the sensation. The integrated app provides the wearer with deep intel on her hormonal life as well. This is a huge leap forward, respecting the taste level and smarts of modern midlife women.

How It Changes the Game: Women are no longer at the mercy of the hormonal hopscotch their bodies go through during perimenopause and beyond. Fem-tech will continue to deliver chic, discreet solutions.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Ignore Gen X and boomer women at your own risk; they control over $3.2 trillion in annual consumer spending.
  • Ask what you can do for menopausal women. There will be over 1 billion of them by 2025.
  • Elevate the style of everything you design for the 40+ consumer: She is your most sophisticated shopper.


NEXT: Menopause No More


What’s Emerging: What if women didn’t go through menopause until they were 60, 70—or never? That’s what biotech startup Celmatix is asking as it engineers a hormonal drug regimen that would allow women to hold onto their ovarian reserves (the eggs they were born with) for a longer time. By doing so, women’s bodies would delay or dodge the health issues that typically accompany menopause.

How It Creates the Future: According to Celmatix CEO Priyane Beim, “If we could buy women an extra 10 to 15 years of natural endocrine function, we’re talking about a huge boost in their vitality and their wellness at a critical stage in their lives. It will align us more with men.” Get ready for this revolution.

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • Your female consumer may never leave her child-bearing years.
  • Aging is redefined: With vitality preserved through 70 or beyond, new white space emerges in the marketplace.
  • Hormonal tweaking will become a given to optimize health, mood, and longevity. Every company must anticipate tomorrow’s dosed consumer.


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