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June 18, 2021

The Future Is: Crystal Healing

American stress is driving a crystal healing boom. Biohacking techniques are now taking the stage even more. The $1B crystal market is now outshining the diamond market. And according to Nielsen, 80 percent of Gen Z-ers believe in the power of spiritual energy fields. That statistic alone shapes the future of healing.

Crystals are believed to have healing vibrations. Earth energy elements, like amethyst, Himalayan salt, and gem infusions, are now mainstream ingredients in beauty products, claiming to deliver magical curative properties. This week, we take a look at where crystals are showing up in our daily self-care routines.

NOW: Crystal Nail Art


What’s Fresh: After spending over a decade as creative director at top advertising agencies in NYC and LA, Mazz Hanna decided to turn her passion for pairing crystal healing with nail styling into a full-time career. She created one of the most coveted self-care routines among celebrities, the Crystal Healing Manicure™.

How it changes the game: Connecting with the innate healing power of crystals becomes an incremental benefit of products and services.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Incorporate crystal elements into your self-care offerings.
  • Embrace the desire among younger consumers and influencers to connect with magical healing practices.
  • Crystal healing gives permission for more premium price points.


NOW: Rose Quartz Tresses


What’s Fresh: Crystal Earth is a new range of luxury high-performing hair products that have been developed and designed to nourish and replenish hair. Rose Quartz is typically associated with the heart chakra – the symbol of love and trust. The rose quartz is used to enhance the user’s sense of calm while also smoothing away any damaged dry-hair follicles.

How it changes the game: Crystal ingredients take hair care beyond functional and into mood care.

3 Action Steps for Brands:

  • Think about the chakra spectrum as a way to organize your brand architecture.
  • Where could rose quartz play a role in your ingredient offering?
  • Enable people to feel calmer throughout their everyday beauty routines.


NEXT: Zero-Gravity Therapeutics

What’s Emerging: Crystals made in space are a great opportunity for medicine in the future. Growing crystals in space, outside Earth’s gravity, allows scientists to grow bigger, nearly perfect crystals. Astronaut scientists on the space station are helping to create the best-quality protein crystals, such as insulin, which can be used to help people with diabetes.

How it creates the future: Zero gravity will produce new types of crystal farming, nutrition, and medicine.

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • Healthcare companies are beginning to invest in zero-gravity clinical trials.
  • Medical breakthroughs when it comes to addressing certain diseases.
  • New language within the culture around crystal quality and origins.


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