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May 7, 2021

The Future Is: Chill

Some of the sources of our self-esteem or sense of belonging have changed dramatically this past year. Time spent shopping or socializing have been replaced by digital connections and upgrading our home environments. We’re decluttering what we no longer need, reshaping a life-giving home office space, finding new crafts and hobbies, spending more time outdoors, and experiencing revolutions within prioritized efficiency shopping.

Along with decluttering our spaces and our life, we have turned our focus to de-stressing and calming our minds. Mental Well-care will only grow in priority over the next decade. Scientific and technological innovation will help people to modulate their moods on demand.


What’s Fresh: Wearable technology has become more popular within culture. We use devices to track our steps, track our sleep, and even regulate our temperature. Next up, a wearable to make us less stressed: Apollo Neuro monitors stress and delivers vibrations (paired with a calming app) to retrain nervous systems so we can manage stress.

How it changes the game: Apollo Neuro is supporting human sustainability. It improves our body’s resilience to stress – enabling a deeper sleep, and more focused energy during the day.

3 Actions Steps for Brands:

  • Innovate your customer experience to help people de-stress along their journey.
  • Use Apollo Neuro at work to see how it improves your employee stress levels, workflow and productivity.
  • Create a wellness measurement system for your brands.


What’s Fresh: Babylon Health’s mood care tracker helps people understand how situations, people and other factors, like the time of day, affect how we feel. It boosts our self-awareness, enabling us to adapt our day-to-day decisions.

How it changes the game: In the future, we will monitor and calibrate how we feel to maintain control — enhancing the peaks, minimizing the troughs. Everything we think and do will be driven by our need for mood control and transformation, including our well-being decisions.

3 Actions Steps for Brands:

  • Assess your product portfolio to see how if it could enable mood modulation for customers.
  • Mood tracking apps could enable employees to identify the times of day where they need the most mental breaks and support.
  • Identify the feelings your brand can own to differentiate itself.


What’s Emerging: Wavepaths is an AI software developed by musician Brian Eno and neuroscientist Dr. Mendel Kaelen. It provides adaptive music, as psychedelic trip therapy, in collaboration with world class artists. We will see even more neuro-hacking software in the future to heal and expand our minds.

How it creates the future: Radical escape without the drugs is a cleaner way forward.

3 Things to Prepare for:

  • A whole new industry of “Radical Consciousness” in emerging.
  • The normalization of escaping to safely support subconscious health.
  • Sound healing and Music prescriptions handed out by doctors.


LRXD’s Senior Studio Artist Stephen Hausrath brings his creativity to two of his passions outside work: hand lettering and disc golf. Recently, Stephen illustrated the disc design for a memorial tournament. His steady hand helps with both!

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