June 26, 2018

Six Nutrition Marketing Steps to Help You Get Full Price

Yeah, I know, you have to go on sale from time to time — retailers like to show value to their customers and guess who pays that freight? Yes, your brand. But this story isn’t about how not to go on deal, it’s about how to keep velocities high when your competition’s price gets slashed.

Here are my six tips for getting what you’re worth, even when the other guy is on deal, working backwards from the shelf:

One — Dissect the competition’s packaging:
Find the gaps where those other brands are blowing it by consumers — then go a little deeper. Explain confusing ingredients, offer ways to get their questions answered, etc.

Two — Offer a loyalty incentive right on pack:
What can you give the consumer in exchange for proofs of purchase? A free mystery flavor? An invitation to an insider’s group? A tiny piece of the company? Swag? There’s got to be something people would love to get that might be more valuable than saving a freaking quarter on a competing brand.

Three — Make your demos work harder:
If the store will allow it, set up a smart phone on a tiny tripod. Ask consumers tasting your product if it’s okay to video their reactions in exchange for a full size version of your brand (be sure to get them to sign a release). Ask them point blank if they’d pay full price for what they just tasted. Use the people who say yes in your social media channels. If you can’t do this at the store, do it at events.

Four — Work social media harder:
Most brands are way too lazy when it comes to this channel. You need to earn engagement here by understanding what people need to get value from your brand. Stop selling so much and offer that value, like tips on getting more nutrition per calorie, how to prep food for the week, etc.

Five — Make that loyalty incentive from #2 redeemable on your website to make that thing stickier:
While you’re at it, do something on your site that goes beyond what everyone else does: Our Story, Our Products, Our Purpose, Store Locator, Buy Online. Sheesh can you see why you look the same as the guy next to you on shelf? You can have the cheap WordPress scrolling site and still get deeper with your differentiation.

Six — Let your consumers help you:
Food brands never really talk WITH their consumers — we’re always talking at them, “BUY, BUY, BUY!” Ask people every chance you get, “What makes you see value in a product you buy and what would make you buy it even when it’s not on sale?” This might be the most obvious, most valuable tip of them all.