December 10, 2020

Media Strategy, the LRXD Way

With so much money at play and so many advertisers competing, the sheer volume of ads out in the world at any one time is astounding. Arm all those companies with reams of consumer and targeting data — and you get a scenario in which it’s easy to believe every media company has just what they need to be an expert at this stuff. We don’t believe that’s true. If you want to elevate your advertising (and bottom line) and ensure your media partner is optimizing at every level, here’s a little insight on how we approach the sophisticated business of media at LRXD.

What to Do, What to Do

Every agency says they use media in a smart way to show up in the right place, at the right time, for the right audience. That’s table stakes. Most of these companies, however, only use surface-level media information to get the job done. They don’t look deep enough to unveil truly unique insights that can be applied in truly unique ways.

This is why we don’t just rely on media information to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Our process is sophisticated, strategic and integrated — we look at all aspects of your business to unlock information that can’t be found with a normal approach.

Our Media Process

At LRXD, we pride ourselves on our media craft. We spend a lot of time analyzing numbers and pushing for nuggets of insight. By digging into every possibility, we go further to ensure what we’re delivering is right for our clients. Because of the diligence of our research and algorithms, we’re able to be predictable with our results and with ROI clients can rely on.

We use any and all information we can access. This includes how your business is operating, how your customers are behaving, where things may be falling short. We identify those underperforming areas and turn them into points of emphasis. By looking at things as if we’re the business owners versus just a media agency, we leverage points of interest that other companies do not look at — which inevitably uncover areas of missed opportunities to capitalize on.

We’re able to deliver great results to our clients because of the way we’ve built our media team. Rather than assemble a traditional media team, our group comprises experts across every side of marketing, media and performance analytics. By focusing on bringing in experts, we broaden our approach so that our results cover all facets of creating performance.

If you’re looking to improve your media results or are interested in a new perspective, there’s more to dig into on our media page.