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August 20, 2014

New Interactive Ad Tech: Red Robin Text to Join

Members of Red Robin’s loyalty program are considered extra special guests to the restaurant. So in 2014, acquisition of Royalty Program members is a big initiative. To make signup as simple as possible, decrease barriers to entry and catch people while they’re having a great experience in the moment at a restaurant, we created the Red Robin text to join platform.

While a significant technical challenge to build, from a user’s perspective the platform is incredibly simple. Text us your number and you can instantly start earning credit as a loyalty club member. Based on the mobile number, we know whether you’re a new member or if you’ve previously applied to the Royalty Program without finishing your submission. So, we can customize messaging to the situation and ensure completion of the process.

Beyond converting visitors in the restaurant, this NFL season the technology is also being used in partnership promotions to increase conversion. Ads running in stadiums during NFL games encourage fans to text to join Red Robin Royalty and be entered to win prizes. So what were just branded ads, now becomes interactive activation advertising in traditional ad settings. Yummm!