Restaurant & Hospitality
November 20, 2019

New Campaign Shows Sullivan’s is More than Your Average Steakhouse

When people go to a steakhouse, it’s not just the food they’re paying for. They’re there for 5-star hospitality, ambiance — a show. Unfortunately, buttoned-up waiters and stuffy decor don’t always thrill. With  Sullivan’s Steakhouse, we recognized they offered something different. Every part of what they do, from art deco decor to table-side presentations to live jazz, is a full production — and the result is always a delicious, lively night out. 

Inspired by this unique combination of gourmet eats, neighborly attitude and live music, we set out to create work that would capture the energetic experience. Together with Boulder’s Coupe Studios, who provided the track and sound design, we filmed a video that relies on carefully choreographed music cues to bring the Sullivan’s magic  to life. Every moment, from clinking glasses to roaring flames, is synced up to an original jazz number. 

With the video as our centerpiece, the campaign spread its wings through print, digital and social. Each medium draws inspiration from Sullivan’s unique art-deco design and welcoming atmosphere.