October 1, 2010

How to sell a company? First build a brand.

Have a company, need a business exit strategy? Well, here’s a question: Is your company really a brand? In other words, does it truly stand for something you can explain, that your customers are excited to tell other people about and that gives your company lasting value – is your brand essence obvious? If so, you don’t need us. Just put your company on the market and soon you’ll be rolling around in hundred dollar bills.

But what if, on the other hand, you have a company instead of a brand. Your customers come and go, there’s not any real momentum. It just doesn’t feel right.

Read on for the answer
Look, the fact is, if you’re successful, even moderately so, if you can say you have an idea and attributes that are unique, you must have some intrinsic greatness in there somewhere. You have something of value – you just need to think like the prospective seller of a great, but rundown house. It’s time for some sprucing up. Some focus. Bring the greatness to the forefront.

You need a brand makeover, friend
Start by finding out what you really, really stand for. What is the one greatest thing about your company? What is it that, if revealed and repeated to the world, would make your customers talk you up to their friends?

Once you have the answer, express it, everywhere, on your packaging and identity, in your advertising, in the way you answer the phone, the way you dress, the Christmas presents you give – everything. Integrated marketing services, defined. Spruce that company into a brand and let the market know you’re on the market.