October 10, 2017

How to Choose the Right Influencers for Your Nutrition Marketing

An influencer is your brand’s vehicle for word-of-mouth awareness. Social media influencers have the attention of large audiences that trust their recommendations and have the potential to be the mutual friend that introduces a consumer to your product.

Choosing which social influencers to help market your brand can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for. Put your potential influencers to the following tests to determine if they are the right person to promote your brand.


First and foremost, your potential influencer should be aligned with the purpose of your brand. For example, a makeup blogger probably wouldn’t be a good fit for a protein shake.

But even further, make sure they follow your brand values. Do they use profanity in their posts? Do they promote bargain shopping? Do a deep dive into their content to get a feel for what kind of consumer they are.


You may notice that “follower count” is missing from this list. I did that on purpose. You should be choosing your influencers not based on the number of followers, but the number of engaged followers. Engagement is proof of how influential that person can actually be.

For example, someone with 3,000 followers and an average of 2,000 likes per photo would be a much better influencer than someone with 250,000 followers and an average of 100 likes per photo.


A lot of brands will feed content to influencers. This means the brand team writes a post and the influencer essentially copies and pastes that post onto their social media pages.

Finding an influencer that can speak eloquently or in the same voice as your brand means you can avoid this unauthentic messaging.


Ideally, you’ll want an influencer that actually cares about your brand. If they are already passionate about your product, promoting it to their audience will be easy for them to do in an authentic way.

Consumers can smell ads from a mile away, so if you can find someone that loves talking about your brand, even when they aren’t being paid to do so, you’ve got a winner.

There are tons of influencer fish in the sea, but finding the right match for your product is imperative. Put each option to the test and you’ll be on your way to an authentic voice and ambassador for your brand.