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July 22, 2021

Getting Hands-on with Westerra Credit Union’s Culture Book

Westerra Credit Union came to LRXD looking for a creative way to introduce their 300+ employees to its new mission, vision and values. Rather than developing just another brightly-colored Powerpoint or PDF, our strategy and creative teams decided to go old school — creating and publishing a physical book, titled “The Why and the Way: A Guide to Working at Westerra.”


What’s Inside?

It’s clear from the first page of “The Why and the Way” that this isn’t your typical employee handbook — all corporate expectations are out the window. The content itself was written and designed to exist on and off the page, providing members with real-life ways to bring the new company culture to life, like including a pop-out mirror as a reminder to “Be You.” Fold-outs, connect-the-dots and other interactive devices were employed to get the Westerra team eager to absorb this new company ethos. To get there, we created a fun metaphor or interactive element for each of the Westerra “Ways to Be,” such as an eye die cut for “our vision” and a rocket for their “mission.”

Straight from the client’s mouth…

“A big part of having our people fully embrace our purpose and values is presenting them in a way that resonates with them,” states Westerra CMO, Wade Paschall. “We’ve all been living in the virtual world of Zoom calls and digital downloads for so long and when LRXD came to us with the pop-up book idea, we knew we were on to something. ‘The Why and The Way’ is a tangible touchstone for our employees to connect with our beliefs and understand who we are as a company.”