January 7, 2022

5 Minutes with ECD Jenna Capobianco

The good news is stacking high at LRXD with talented new faces joining us each month and some exciting additions to our leadership team. One such exciting addition is that of Jenna Capobianco as our Executive Creative Director. We chatted with Jenna to learn more about her path to LRXD and how she sees the future of the agency and the industry. 

What interested you in taking a role with LRXD? 

The evolution of this agency and the particular point we are at right now is so exciting. It’s a new trajectory where we’re focusing on how we can use our superpowers for good and amplifying brands that are doing amazing things out in the world. For years, LRXD has been known as the health and happiness agency, but as I learned more about it, I was so impressed with how the leadership team here puts their time and money behind truly walking the walk. What other agency has a Health & Happiness Coordinator on staff? I also love working with Kim Bates — our CMO and Futurist. She helps our clients see their role and work we do through a whole new lens. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies that have wished for someone on the team like Kim and I can already see how her role is impacting the work. Over the last year, the additions to every department at this agency have added a level of talent that is inspiring. I’m honored to be on this team and am looking forward to this next chapter.    

What have you taken away from past experiences in your career? 

Every agency I’ve worked at has brought me a rich and completely different experience. Sometimes it’s been all about the output, but sometimes it’s been about learning as much as I can from a mentor who’s there. At Fallon, Jamie Barrett taught me not only how to be creative, but how to sell the work. At Wieden, the ethos is about looking for creativity everywhere, which is why they are legendary for hiring creatives that are carpenters and macrame artists. Working there changed how I see talent and where it comes from. At TBWA, the lesson was resiliency, at Venables Bell, I learned the nuances of working with complicated clients, and At Hal Riney, I learned how to manage people. Every place has its own challenges and its own valuable lessons to teach.

What brings you health and happiness outside of work? 

I have amazing roommates — three kids and a husband and we love going to the mountains, skiing and traveling the world. Being curious about different cultures and being on a constant idea safari makes life so much more fun and interesting. 

We’re all about the future at LRXD. Do you have any future predictions? 

I believe that in the next 5-10 years all the messaging we will work on will be hyper-personalized. I also think that people are tired of being disrupted. In my opinion, “disruption” isn’t a good thing. I want to be served up new products and ideas in a way that is seamless and enjoyable. This is why content, branded entertainment, social selling, product placement and immersive experiences will be bigger than ever. This is the golden age of storytelling and there are so many cool, interactive possibilities for brands to become a part of. 

Last question. What’s a piece of good news you’ve heard or received lately? 

Although there’s been so much pain and suffering with the pandemic, one of the silver linings is that it has reshaped the landscape in a way that will change the way people work, live and think forever. This pandemic has let us recalibrate our lives and refocus on what’s important and lead happier, healthier lives.