How You Feel is All That Matters

TRUETONiQS is a line of liquid dietary supplements for people who demand more than sugary sodas. The brand is confident in their formulas (which are based in Ayurveda — the 5,000-year-old medicine of India), but aware of FDA scrutiny surrounding miracle-in-a-bottle nutritional supplement claims. Our solution? Rather than using grandiose messaging, we let Rorschach inkblots do the talking and asked our customers to tell us how TRUETONiQS made them really feel.

Furthering the Transparency

We made a place where customers could easily find everything they want to know about TRUETONiQS ingredients, by redirecting them to other reliable sources on the internet — instead of making our own ingredient claims.

Janet DiGiovanna, CMO

“People see through supplement brands that make outlandish claims about their efficacy. Instead, we’re putting our products in consumers’ hands and saying, ‘You decide.’”