How We Brought Exploration to the Holidays

For outdoor brands, the holidays are often the time of year when most sales occur. The North Face is no exception. With this, it’s imperative that the process of shopping is not only a well-thought-out consumer journey, but also one that’s supported with strategic marketing. Quickly pushing consumers to what they’re looking for — along with a great shopping experience — can be the make or break for achieving annual sales goals.

Our objective: Create digital assets to drive consumers to The North Face’s gift guide and seasonal products to find the perfect presents for themselves and others — gifts that bolster their pursuit of exploration and help them live in the now.

The Brand's Good

The North Face is on a mission to support the preservation of the outdoors and both equip and inspire a global movement of exploration.

Our Key Insight

When you give someone a gift from The North Face, you’re giving them so much more than a physical item. Each piece of expedition gear comes with the prospect of exploration and adventure. The true gift is the experience it provides.

The Uncommon Solution

“Live in the Present.” Our digital holiday campaign conveyed an adventurous outlook by keeping the aspirational tone of the brand at the forefront. Bold headlines paired with eye-catching animations made for simple, yet engaging content that drew in the adventure-prone shopper.

Strategically, we divided the gift guide into smaller sections based on what was commonly purchased for the holidays. Then, we built engaging content specific to each subset of products to guide shoppers right to the items they were looking for in an efficient way.

The Good We Grew

We crafted a cohesive library of digital creative assets that inspired consumers to gift themselves and others with the spirit of exploration. By organizing the gift guide and corresponding creative to historically popular products, we drove efficient conversion and a higher sales rate across the two holiday seasons we worked with The North Face.