Ricky's Lucky Nuts

A Nut Like No Other

At this very moment, you’re looking at a nut like no other. What gives us the audacity to say that? Well, Ricky took some of the world’s best flavors — chipotle, coffee, curry, chai and coarse black pepper — the sweet, salty and spicy tastes people love. And they, quite honestly, lucked into a process that lovingly bonds that flavor right onto the nut. Instead of something candied or dusty, Ricky’s roasted-on process creates amazing little, flavor-packed Lucky Nuggets that make your mouth go “Wow.” The packaging conveys Ricky’s extra special story.

Jim Vaughn, CEO

“We wanted to create packaging that matches the excellence of the product inside. Every show we go to, every customer we come across, they love the packaging Common Good designed. It’s clean, it’s vibrant, it stands out on the shelves — the retailers love it.”