Choose Your Indulgence

Oikos knows a thing about indulgence. Not the kind that blows your entire diet — the kind born from real, quality, wholesome ingredients. Crafted for those who enjoy good taste by the spoonful, whether daily or as a rare, close-your-eyes-and-savor treat, we helped Oikos design two lines of their delicous yogurt — each communicating the good, old-fashioned, guilt-free indulgence found underneath the lid.

Tasty, Everyday Indulgence

For a long time, Oikos defined a category with their delicious traditional Greek yogurt. Instead of a rare treat, they envisioned their products and unique flavors to be enjoyed daily, without worry. Our packaging rebrand delivered on that promise — maintaining iconic elements associated with their wholesome whole milk yogurt, yet reimagining flavors as more enticing dessert-inspired offerings.

Indulgent? Oh! Yeah

On a mission to create the tastiest treat they possibly could, Oikos invented a new kind of yogurt: Double Cream Yogurt. With twice the cream of standard yogurt, it has a one-of-a-kind thick and luscious texture that unapologetically puts taste above all else. We helped serve up this most authentically indulgent achievement, by creating a luxurious, taste-forward package.