How We Disguised Nutritious With Delicious

Gym rats Benny & Barry were tired of eating the same boring things to get their protein. So they figured out how to get more protein into foods they actually loved. And with that first high-protein muffin, Lenny & Larry’s was born.

Our objective: Convince treat eaters to trade up to Lenny & Larry’s — the super delicious, super nutritious option requiring absolutely zero tradeoffs.

The Brand's Good

Lenny & Larry’s is on a mission to provide quality baked goods that not only taste great, but also contain protein and fiber.

Our Key Insight

Despite being high in nutritional value, we needed to first convince people that these treats taste good — letting fun and delicious lead the way.

The Uncommon Solution

“Baked Nutrition.” Lenny & Larry’s has proven that incredibly delicious, bakery-fresh foods can also be high in protein and fiber, low in sugar, contain nothing artificial and feed your body — while delighting your taste buds. Through a unique brand position and packaging, we made the baked goods the hero, focused on taste appeal and featured color pops that help you find your favorites.

The Good We Grew

The positioning and packaging revamp helped Lenny & Larry’s significantly expand demand and distribution. Today, more than 50,000 stores across the United States and over 30 countries worldwide carry the brand’s products – making them by far the market leader in protein cookies.