Jack Link's

Feed Your Wild Side

Jack Link’s discovered an interesting fact about everyone who purchases their products — from moms to kids to carnivorous dads, they all have a wild side. This unique insight lead to the creation of the infamous Jack Link’s campaign that allowed people to get in touch with their ultimate wild-selves by ‘Messin’ With Sasquatch.’ For more than six years, across a rich, digital experience, we brought the campaign to life in highly effective, atypical ways that drove sales wild.

Appealing to Meatfans with Humor and Originality

By keeping things entertaining, our audience invited the Jack Link’s brand into their lives. By keeping things unexpected — like allowing people to use the Sasquatch to pee a holiday message into the snow or shave a message into his back hair for friends — recipients looked forward to discovering new ways they could express their wild side.

38% Growth in Global Awareness

With tasty products and protein consumption beginning to trend, Jack Link’s set its sights on not just dominating the jerky category but competing with the entirety of the snack aisle. Under a visionary CMO and under just three years, we helped the company attain 38% growth in global brand awareness and unprecedented sales growth — earning an Effie for our work’s creative effectiveness.