Hubert's Lemonade

Uncap Some Joy

Drinking Hubert’s Lemonade causes unexpected joy, so we decided to make their website do the same. Designed as an interactive funhouse, the site uses facial recognition to detect joyful expressions through visitors’ webcams. Users can smile, raise their eyebrows and open their mouths wide to unlock “hidden joy” and earn points to enter a monthly sweepstakes at Hubert’s Stand.

Hubert is Your Guide

Hubert’s head eggs visitors on with colorful animations and word bubble instructions as they learn how to use facial expressions to control the site’s interactivity.

Show Us Some Joy, We'll Show It Back to You

Different combinations of facial gestures trigger interesting, new experiences throughout the site.

Shake It if You're Mobile

Shaking one’s mobile device also communicates a joyful expression when browsing the site.

They're Drinking It In

In just the first month, the site totaled 5,000+ new sessions, a 2800% increase in daily visits and 6,000 joyous experiences throughout 63 countries.