This Is What Original Tastes Like

With all-natural ingredients, Hansen’s bold craft soda has been a pioneer in its category for more than 40 years. We helped them show off their delicious originality and reclaim their SoCal-market stronghold with work that celebrates those bold and unique Hansen’s flavors.

Hansen's House Party

Using Venice Beach walls to showcase the world’s top street artists in year one of the event and walls in up-and-coming Downtown LA in year two, we hosted a party dedicated to celebrating all things authentic and creative — leaving a permanent, exceptionally original brand imprint behind.

Big, Beautiful Impressions

Outdoor supported the experiential aspect of the campaign, reintroducing the brand in full color to LA’s original tastemakers.

Extending the Fun

Throughout the year, we hosted smaller events for select influencers. These were captured on film and cut down into videos for Hansen’s use on social.

SoCal Spirit

The website’s unique typography and striking Southern California photography offered a delicious ode to Hansen’s free-thinking, free-wheeling attitude.

Paul Verna, Director of Marketing

“Our goal was to recapture the SoCal audience in an authentic relatable way. Common Good helped us enable the power of art in communities where it doesn’t exist and embody Hansen’s creative, pioneering and inclusive personality — reigniting our core values.”