GoodHealth Starts with a GoodBelly

When we started working with GoodBelly, they were a brand poised for big things. They made a delicious line of non-dairy probiotic products that had a strong following inside natural stores. When they decided to broaden their distribution to supermarkets, we helped them take things back to the basics and express GoodBelly’s fruit flavor and health benefits to a mainstream audience.

Standing Out from Competitors

As America’s only probiotic-based juice drink (others are dairy-based), the look screams “juice” — a big deal for people who want probiotic benefits, without the dairy.

Setting Health in Motion

The website illustrates the healthy benefits of balancing intestinal microflora in bite-sized morsels and includes a Belly Tracker app to record what goes in a GoodBelly drinker’s mouth and how it makes their belly feel.

Alan Murray, CEO

“Common Good helped us create packaging that reflects our brand’s playful energy while bringing the real ingredients and spirited flavor profiles to light — right on the front.”