Blue Sky

Rooted in Real

For Blue Sky Soda, real is what counts. Since 1971, they’ve been dedicated to honest ingredients, true to nature flavors and an appreciation for authentic experiences. In targeting a millennial audience, we knew shouting to “buy our soda” wouldn’t work. Instead, we took a more authentic approach.

Quenching The Thirst For Progress

Covered in messages of authenticity and appreciation of the world around us, the Blue Sky food truck made its way to charity functions — and anywhere else do-gooders were active — to show support for the community roots they were strengthening and to put cans in hands.

Farm to Dinner Table

To continue our mission of authentic experiences, we hosted an event dedicated to getting a taste of the world around us. Local influencers were invited to a beautiful farmette for an evening of farm-fresh eats cooked up by chef and restauranteur, Justin Brunson. With locally sourced ingredients and libations, the evening was a celebration of authentic flavors, fresh air and great company.

Refreshingly Authentic Campaign

Advertising and social zeroed in on a millennial group that was socially conscious, relished the notion of doing good and existed in high concentration in Colorado.

Jeremy Faa, Senior Vice President & General Manager

“The crafted and specialty beverage category is a fast-changing, dynamic category. We see great opportunities for growth in this emerging part of the beverage business.”