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#TakeCareTuesday is our video and podcast series for business leaders. In every episode, we interview the most inspiring creators, influencers, wellness experts and thought leaders in the health and happiness space to help educate, inspire and empower us all with their unique vision and experiences. Below, you’ll find upcoming events to register for, as well as links to watch or listen to past events.

17 December, 2021

Take Care Tuesday with Evy Chen

Our fireside conversation with Evy Chen is now on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts! Our host, Kim Bates, has an inspiring conversation with Evy Chen, Founder of Evy Tea. They discuss how the country’s first craft premium cold-brewed tea brand is enabling better tea taste, inclusivity and sustainability for drinkers, the planet, and farmers.

27 July, 2021

Take Care Tuesday with Chris Albrecht

Editor-in-Chief of The Spoon Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 Our CMO and Chief Futurist, Kim Bates, will be hosting our next Fireside Chat with Chris Albrecht, Editor-in-Chief of The Spoon. Chris is the leading expert in the transformation of the modern food journey, including innovation in Agtech, food and delivery robots, AI, and the massive evolution […]

15 June, 2021

Round Table Discussion: Nicole Whitney, Hadley Bell & Peyton Bell

Tuesday, Jun 15th, 2021 Nicole is a safer skin-care advocate with Beautycounter, an artist, plus fit model, and a quality coffee ambassador. Being an advocate for safer beauty has benefited her in sharing this knowledge and helping to empower others to enhance their lives by making safer choices. Peyton and Hadley Bell help run Formula […]