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August 20, 2013

Site Launch: KOA – The Greater Outdoors

Every day, the world wide web gets a little wider — and it gets a whole lot harder to figure out where to get the best information for enhancing your outdoor lifestyle. With KOA’s new community site, The Greater Outdoors, we’ve given people one resource dedicated to cutting through the clutter. Just like their campers, KOA has a heightened expectation for what the outdoors can and should deliver. Through this new site, campers get everything they need to dream, plan and go on great(er) outdoor adventures.

Our intent was to recreate that special feeling of camaraderie you get at a KOA campground — inside the site. To build community, we’ve enlisted all types of outdoor experts to provide compelling content, made things highly visual with Instagram integration, built a robust system for chatting among KOA campers, and made sharing the content they love ultra simple. The result is a virtual “campfire” — a gathering place for campers to come and feel completely taken care of. Sounds just like KOA to us. Visit the site.