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August 26, 2016

LRXD and KOA Show You What’s Happening Right Now, Behind the Yellow Sign

Whether you’re a camper or not, chances are that somewhere along America’s highways and byways, you’ve seen the iconic yellow sign inviting you to camp at Kampgrounds of America (KOA). With 487+ locations, they’re everywhere. So, just what exactly is hiding behind that yellow sign anyway? Guess it depends on what time you’re there.

LRXD has created a fully integrated national advertising campaign for KOA, targeting media and creative to specific times of day. The campaign — which is composed of 30-second TV and online spots, 60-second online spots, a companion microsite and digital ads — takes viewers on a voyeuristic experience through the many offerings and opportunities awaiting them at KOA during whatever time of day they’re exposed to the advertising.

Each execution opens with the teasing phrase, “What’s Happening Now Behind the Yellow Sign?” before flashing through a series of evocative, sensory vignettes that showcase campers of all ages enjoying outdoor adventures and making memories during family camping trips. Catch a spot in the morning and you’ll be treated to bare feet touching down on crisp grass, sizzling bacon in a skillet, and campers stretching by a peaceful lakeside. See a spot during the afternoon and you’ll see picnic blankets being spread, kids plopping into pools and horseshoes falling into place. Nighttime is more relaxing, as viewers are treated to lightning bugs, swinging benches and crackling campfires.

The website follows suit, allowing visitors to explore what’s happening behind the yellow sign by greeting the user with a long-form video based on the time of day they visit. Not only can they view all three day-part videos, but they can also view photos taken by KOA campers throughout the day. Fun is always waiting behind the yellow sign. All you have to do is pack a sleeping bag and go find it.

Get the immersive microsite experience here.