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May 13, 2014

Facebook Game: Spin to Win Big with KOA

Our most recent Facebook efforts for KOA were such a hit that we decided it was time to engage KOA’s core audience once again. KOA fans love to play games, so we created our newest Facebook app for them, “Spin to Win.”

It’s KOA’s take on Wheel of Fortune, where fans can spin an RV wheel down the road for their chance to win one of two tricked-out Keystone RVs.

Players can rack up entries in more ways than one. Not only can they “Spin to Win” at, they can also fill out the entry form and share KOA’s giveaway on social media to increase their chances of winning.

Knowing that there are two fully equipped RVs up for grabs, we expect participation to be through the proverbial roof. There’s no question that camping just got more exciting.